G-Loves Australia is Born May 04 2013

And so G-loves Australia is born!  Welcome to my G-Love world.


September 2012 tragedy struck when my man-looking black leather weight gloves gave up the ghost.  I searched many a sports store for something that felt comfy, but equally as important, I wanted something that looked good too.  Disappointment echoed in my head, when I was continually turned away from these sports stores.  Some shop assistants even dared laugh at the idea of a good looking weight glove.

I was on facebook not long after and saw that the gorgeous Kelsey Byers was sporting a leopard print glove, she was banging on about how wonderful it was, so I thought I best check it out for myself.


I got onto the G-Loves website and was promptly sent a pink and lace pair of G-Loves, with a very cute little handwritten note from the designer/owner, Hedda Royce.


After a few days I sent Hedda an email.  I asked her if I could sell the gloves in Australia.  I had never done anything like that in my life, I had no idea really.


I naively bought 12 pair, just to test the water, and was sold out within days.  I thought to myself, I am on to something here.  I then ordered 48 pair and the same happened, some sold out before I even got them, in pre-orders.


So on and so forth, til my most recent shipment of over 300 hundred pairs of G-loves.  Needing to expand, I decided, with Hedda's guiding hand, to leave the comfort of eBay and to start up a shopify site.  And here we are!


I am beyond excited to bring these gloves to not only Australia, but areas around Australia, like New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.  The joy that I feel when I send a pair of G-Loves to a woman in a remote area of Australia is second to none.  Having lived in remote and rural areas of Queensland myself, I understand the pain of isolation from friends, family and fashion.


Thank you for visiting, make sure you come back soon.


Have a peaceful day.





Thanks to http://cawdreyfamilyphotography.webr.ly/ for this photo.  They specialise in natural photos.  And me being in a box, is quite natural,  No G-Loves were  hurt during this process.