Easy Pumpkin Soup May 19 2013

Nothing is more warning or nourishing in winter than Pumpkin Soup. I am not a flash cook.  I just eat what is good for me, if I can make it taste good on the way, it is a major bonus!


My pumpkin soup consists of:


. Pumpkin, roughly cut, with the skin on (the water soluble fibre is in the skin);

. One large brown onion;

.  2-3 cloves of garlic;

.  Peppercorns (as many as you can handle).


Place in pot on stove with stock or water and boil til tender.


Drain pumpkin and keep stock.


Place some pumpkin and a couple of ladles of stock in a food processor, whiz up til smooth and return to pot.  Continue doing this til all pumpkin is puréed.  Depending on how thick you want your soup you can mix in a bit more stock.  


Freeze remaining stock for next time.


Serve with sour cream or natural low fat yoghurt!!!