Do you believe your own food lies? June 09 2013

Years ago, I had a special person in my life who would show their love by buying me chocolate and lollies and champagne!! Even my kids would give such delights to me on special occasions.  Once it is in the house, I have little self control.  I used to call it "calorie-bulking" - eat it all in one sitting to get rid of it!
I now have less enabling people in my life.  The children know to not buy me sweet-treats, we never have crap food in the house.
Don't even tempt yourself, not even as a treat on the weekends.  Your kids don't need a lolly jar or chips or mini-mars bars and neither do you.  Oh? You only give it to them as a treat? Yup!  What? They and you get treated often I think, otherwise the chocolate would be white, the lollies half melted and the chips stale.
Don't believe the lies you tell yourself!