Girl Push-Ups... Wash Out Your Mouth June 10 2013

GIRL PUSH-UPS... Arggghhh! 
Someone said to me the other day that I was lucky because I can do push-ups! Yup!  I am so lucky.  
The only luck I have is that I am determined.  When I got back on my feet from being sick in 2011/12, I could not do even half a push-up.  Now I do pretty advanced ones and lots of them.  Why?  Well determination, number 1, but number 2, I started off doing 1 proper one, not 10 half-arsed versions of a push-up.  I only went to my knees when I was truly fatigued and could no longer lift my body weight.  I practiced every day too.  
So if you want to do push-ups on your toes, never put the words "girl" and "push-up" into the same sentence.  What a croc, it's a cop-out.  If you are determined, you work hard and you practice, you can do them, I promise.
If you are unsure how to do one, look at wikiHow or YouTube.  Think about this, have you ever tried to pick up a flippy-floppy kid? They just seem heavier.  Pick them up when they are rigid, way easier?  Same as push-ups, keep everything rigid and strong and you will have far more likelihood of success.
Remember I am no exercise guru, I have no fitness qualifications, only what I have learnt myself.  This photo depicts good form and 3 versions of something that is not a push-up.