G-loves tougher than Tough Mudder June 28 2013

Here are some meek and mild G-Lovers.  Their leopard print G-Loves got them through Tough Mudder intact, minus their big smiles.


For Tough Mudder, you want to protect your hands and your bum.  Wear two pair of pants, so you can slide down the hills into the mud pits without ripping your skin.  


You will want to wear gloves for the same reason and to also give you traction in the wet.  Our gloves have the best "grippiness" around, are made from neoprene (wet-suit material), so they wont get heavy and cumbersome.  And the best news is, you can wash them in your delicates bag in the washing machine when you are done and you still have a good pair of gloves for the gym, or your next Tough Mudder event!


I have a few different types of G-Loves on sale for $30 right now, so they would be perfect to get you through Tough Mudder.