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G-Loves are created, designed, and manufactured in Los Angeles. These workout gloves are designed to protect you from injury and make a bold statement too! G-Loves are made from lightweight neoprene that is breathable, wicks moisture and contours to your hand. The hi-tech silicone ink grip provides multi surface traction and enhances your performance. Cropped fingers allow freedom of movement and you can even wear your rings while working out. This glove is thick enough to protect, yet thin enough to make a mind/body connection so that you can focus on the task at hand. The tailored fit is designed specifically for a woman to prevent bunching of material in the palm of the hand. Easy to put ON and take OFF with Velcro® closure. Get yourself a pair of G-Loves and say no to gym germs, hand fatigue and calluses. These gloves are easy to wash with soap and water, and lay flat to dry. We suggest you wash them after every use to keep them looking new and smelling fresh.

PLEASE NOTE: G-Loves are not designed for wrist protection. If you experience wrist pain, tendon pressure, numbness, arthritis and hand fatigue while bearing weight on your hands in activities such as Lagree Fitness, Pilates, Spinning, and Cycling, please checkout our Gelometrics.

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