Men's G-360: Red Workout Gloves


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The Men's G-360 Weightlifting Gloves: Superior Comfort, Incredible Grip


Made with durable and lightweight neoprene, the G-360 Men’s Weightlifting Gloves are a luxury for training like a beast at the gym. Cut off fingers, strategic grip, open knuckle breathability and adjustable hook and loop closure give these comfortable gloves a premium fit. G-360s are designed to help eliminate hand fatigue. They adjust to fit the shape of your hand while leaving your fingers free to grab the weights, dumbbells or handlebars.


Note from the Designer


These gloves are not your average boring workout glove. They are sleek, attractive, and comfortable. All my male friends at the gym saw the Women's G-Loves and wanted to know when I was going to revolutionize the men's workout glove. I realized men had the same challenges in the weight room that I encountered. So here they are...good looking gloves that protect your hand while you train like a BEAST. 


Tech specs


Designed for: weight-lifting, dead-lifting, pull-ups, yoga, Pilates, and any activity that requires maximum grip

Fabric: 100% neoprene with a nylon/spandex piping

Wash with soap and water, then hang to dry

Made in the USA

Properties:  moisture-wicking, chafe resistant, breathable

Thick enough to protect hands from the gym elements, yet thin enough to feel the weights


Key features

Neoprene fabric wi

th spandex piping for durability and comfort

Textured silicon material on the palm and half fingers enhances grip for all exercises

Open knuckle design gives the back of the hand breathable comfort

Half fingers deliver superb finger dexterity and range of motion

Fabric provides less bunching and heavier lifting

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